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Mission Statement

The IAPA exists to provide information, education and governmental advocacy, and to serve as the primary resource on the PA profession.

Information and Leadership

• IAPA serves as a collective “Voice” on critical issues such supervision, reimbursement, and legislative issues.
• IAPA is the only PA organization in the State of Illinois representing, monitoring and acting with the PA in mind.
• IAPA board members are experienced, knowledgeable and respected members representing northern, Chicago, Central and Southern regions of the State of Illinois.
• IAPA board meets at least four times a year to discuss the organization’s activities.
• IAPA stays informed on critical issues such Medicare, Medicaid, health management and other various important issues in order to provides members with information that my have direct impact on their practice and the community.

Education and CME

• IAPA is a State Constituent Chapter of the American Academy of Physician Assistants
• IAPA presents 2 annual educational for a total of up to 24 pre-approved Category I CME hours.
• IAPA provides members an opportunity to meet with industry suppliers twice a year at the Spring and Fall CME Conferences to learn the latest on industry information and technology.
• Network with other PAs and suppliers to problem-solve and exchange ideas and experiences.
• Keep informed on initiatives affecting the PA profession.

Governmental Advocacy

• IAPA’s Legislative Committee works with regulatory agencies and special interest groups to protect and represent the PA profession’s interests in the State of Illinois.
• IAPA provides proposed legislative changes to the legislature to effectively expand practice privileges and keeping members informed on proposed regulatory changes and their implications.
• IAPA provides members with legislative access to contact their local legislators and provides members with position papers to discuss issues with local legislators.

Job Opportunities

• IAPA provides members with the Physician Assistant Referral Service (PARS) which send out job listings around the State.
• IAPA connects the member with a regional chapter to receive group emails regarding job listings.

Please note that IAPA does not currently offer PA shadowing opportunities due to HIPAA and capability and resources. We understand that this is an important issue for students interested in the profession, but they can learn more about being a PA by joining as a Pre-PA student and networking with other PA students and board members.

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