How do I obtain an Illinois license?

Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation, Division of Profession Regulations (IDFPR) This is THE site for information regarding the laws, rules, and applications governing PAs in Illinois.

Every PA should go to this site and print out a copy of the PA Practice Act, it is our governing law. Secondly, print out and read the Administrative Rules for the PA. This will assist understanding with an understanding of the law.

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) handles all aspects of PA licensing | IDFPR PA Application Form
The “Acceptance of Exam” portion of the application is required for new PAs who have passed their PANCE.
The “Restoration” portion of the application is for PAs who wish their license to be restored due to the license expiring.
The “Endorsement” portion of the application is for PAs licensed in another state that want to apply for a license in Illinois. Endorsement verifies licensure from another state in the CT part of the application process.

Additional forms and information for PAs can be found in Helpful Links.

I currently practicing in another state but am planning on moving to IL, is licensure reciprocal?

Answer: Illinois licensure is not reciprocal with any other state. If you have a license in another state, you must apply for a license in Illinois from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

If I move to Illinois, do I need to contact the DEA regarding my current DEA license?

Answer: You must contact the DEA to edit your current Mid Level Controlled Substance License (after you have applied for and received an Illinois license and an Illinois Controlled Substance License Number). You cannot write a prescription for any controlled substance until you have received an updated DEA card.

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How long does it take the Division of Professional Regulations to process my completed Illinois PA license application?

It can take 45-60 days to process an application. Please note: it is unlawful to use the title of “Physician Assistant” unless he or she is a qualified holder of licensed issued by the department as provided in the PA Practice Act. (225, ILCS 95/10). There are legal penalties if one claims to be a PA before a license is issued.

Who may supervise a PA? Does this include a podiatrist or chiropractor?

The Illinois PA Practice Act states that only MDs and DOs may supervise PAs in Illinois.

Can a PA be reimbursed for services provided to a Medicaid patient?

A-202 Practitioner Reimbursement (Found in the HFS Provider Handbook) / A-202.1 Charges
Practitioners are to submit charges to the department only after services have been rendered. Charges are to be the practitioner‘s usual and customary charges to the general public for the services provided. To be paid for services, all claims, including claims that are re-billed, must be received within one (1) year of the date of service. The department must receive a claim after disposition by Medicare, or its fiscal intermediary, no later than twenty-four (24) months from the date of service.

A practitioner may charge only for services personally provided, or which are provided under direct supervision in the practitioner’s offices by ancillary licensed or certified staff, e.g., laboratory tests done by a technician in the practitioner’s employ.

A practitioner may not charge for services provided outside the practitioner’s office by anyone other than the practitioner.

Exception: A physician may submit a bill for services provided by a non-enrolled Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), a Physician Assistant (PA) or a Genetic Counselor, as long as such practice is in accordance with the policy outlined in this handbook or not in conflict with the following rules and regulations:

  • Nurse Practice Act (225 ILCS 65)
  • Physician Assistant Practice Act (225 ILCS 95)
  • Genetic Counselor Licensing Act (225 ILCS 135)
  • Department of Professional Regulations rules for administration of Physician Assistant Practice Act (68 Ill. Adm. Code 1350)
  • Department of Professional Regulations rules for administration of Nursing and Advanced Practice Nursing Act – Advanced Practice Nurse (68 Ill. Adm. Code 1305)
  • HFS rules for Advanced Practice Nurses (89 Ill. Adm. Code 140)

A practitioner may not charge for services provided by another practitioner even though one may be in the employ of the other.

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Does IAPA offer shadow opportunities for students?

IAPA does not currently offer PA shadowing opportunities due to HIPAA and capability and resources.