2017 IAPA Fundraising Appeal

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2017 IAPA Fundraising Appeal

Donation Total: $100

We are on the cusp of prevailing – but we need your help for one last push.

During this legislative session, through your blood, sweat, and tears, we have built a strong coalition of physicians, hospitals, and nursing organizations that have generated the momentum to finally modernize PA laws in Illinois.

That means:

  • Redefining the PA relationship with physicians as a collaborating relationship rather than supervision.
  • Increasing the flexibility in the number of PAs a physician may collaborate with outside a hospital setting.
  • Allowing employer to bill for PA services using the NPI number of the PA instead of the physician.
  • Clarifying that current certification by NCCPA is not required to renew a PA license.

Through thousands of hours of time and thousands of dollars, we have built up the goodwill in the legislature to see these modernizations signed into law. This effort builds off our success last year of adding PAs to over sixty chapter of Illinois law.

We are almost there. But there are forces trying to derail our efforts – the same efforts that derailed legislation in West Virginia. We cannot let that happen here! Too much is at stake.

Legislators in Illinois know who PAs are and all the good we do. And we have a window of opportunity early this year to cross the finish line.

But that’s where we need your help.

To achieve victory, we need your financial investment of just $100 (or more if you can) to ensure we have the team in place to get us there.

For such a small investment – we can achieve this.

Thank you in advance for your support,

The Illinois Academy of PAs