AAPA Candidate Endorsements

Procedures for endorsing AAPA candidates:

  • Candidates will submit a written request for endorsement to the IAPA BOD at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of voting, as set forth by the AAPA
  • Candidates should share their platform statements with their written request for endorsement
  • Candidates will be invited to an optional (but recommended) virtual open forum to discuss their views on the PA profession and answer questions from the BOD about their platform
  • After the open forum meeting with the candidates, the voting BOD members will receive an anonymous survey in which they will recommend for or against endorsing a candidate (overseen by president and executive director)
  • Official BOD endorsement will occur if a majority of the voting BOD members recommend a candidate for endorsement
  • If two candidates are seeking endorsement for the same position, IAPA BOD will endorse the candidate with the most votes for recommendation of endorsement
  • Official endorsements will be made prior to the first day of voting as set forth by the AAPA

Criteria for endorsing AAPA candidates:

  • The candidate‚Äôs values should align with the values of the Illinois Academy of PAs with regards to advocacy, education and service.
  • The candidate should have a history of professional advocacy for PAs.
  • The candidate should have a history of promoting and empowering PAs to achieve their full scope of practice.
  • The candidate should seek to evolve understanding and impact of the profession.
  • The candidate should seek to elevate PAs as recognized leaders in healthcare.